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Equal parts dog lover, real estate aficionado, social butterfly and music enthusiast. My idea of a good day is putting the pups in the car, turning up the tunes, sharing funny stories and looking at some houses. If this sounds like fun, let's start a journey that ends with a lifetime friendship and a new home for you. My love of all things houses started by driving around Central Ohio with my mom and admiring the fabulous neighborhoods our area offers. The radio was always on and my eyes were wide open. I loved the variety of designs and imagining what life was like in those places we saw. Perhaps that's the best thing about being a Realtor is knowing that a house is so much more than the wood, stone and concrete of which it is made. It's a place for birthday parties, movie nights, sleepovers, graduation celebrations and creating memorable moments with loved ones. There's few greater joys than watching buyer's faces light up when they imagine these things during a showing and knowing I am the one that has been invited to be part of the process of making the place where this will all happen theirs. I could tell you how I've been a part of hundreds of real estate transactions, that my experience will provide lasting financial value, and that my area knowledge will help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. And all of these things would, of course, be true. I'd rather, though, share that I made real estate my life passion in 2007 and have since created countless meaningful relationships along the way. Ultimately, for all the things I've done, getting to be even just a small part of such an important stage of so many people's lives gives me more pride than anything else I could imagine.

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