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What Do You Do When the Advertised Square Feet is Incorrect

What Do You Do When the Advertised Square Feet is Incorrect

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You buy a home based on information provided by the seller and/or their real estate agent. But what happens when that data, in particular, the square footage of the home, is incorrect? Do you have any recourse? In this podcast, we discuss cases involving this issue, there outcomes, and what it could mean for you.*


*The information contained herein is not provided by attorneys and shall not be considered legal advice.


Wayne Henry

Equal parts dog lover, real estate aficionado, social butterfly and music enthusiast. My idea of a good day is putting the pups in the car, turning up the tunes, sharing funny stories and looking at some houses. If this sounds like fun, let's start a journey that ends with a lifetime friendship and a new home for you. Contact Wayne at 614 439 6180

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