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Stress Management Tips for Real Estate Agents

Stress Management Tips for Real Estate Agents

How often do you worry about something that ends up not being as bad as you anticipated? If you’re like a lot of people, the answer is often. Our instinct is to try and impose our will when we have no way to impact outcomes. Agents work hard to protect clients and we can carry the weight of trials and tribulations on our shoulders. Inspections reveal unpleasant surprises. Appraisals come in low. Loan delays cause chain reactions. Buyers and sellers make transactions personal and emotional.¬†What is one to do when things go awry?

1. Don’t Make it a Thing, Until it’s a Thing

First, slow down, breath and identify the stressor. Your anxiety is likely derived from one of two thoughts: fear of the client’s reaction or worrying that the transaction will go altogether sideways. Not to say these are not legitimate concerns, but the situation, whatever it might be, is temporary. Don’t jump to conclusions or try to exert too much control over the outcome. You and the client will overcome what you are dealing with in due time.

2. Remain Calm

I know, easier said that done, but one of our many jobs is to remove emotion and deliver news objectively. Present the details, make your recommendations for solutions and allow the client to take time to make THEIR DECISION. The more we allow our personal feelings to take precedent over facts, the more worked up clients are likely to become. Of course we want what’s best for them, but in the end the resolution and consequences are the client’s and theirs alone.

3. Organize Thoughts and Be Decisive

The longer things fester, the more our minds tend to go in bad directions. Sit down, organize your thoughts and act accordingly.

4. Seek Out Help from Your Broker and Colleagues

Being an agent can feel like operating on an island sometimes, especially if you don’t work from an office. When you are struggling for direction, however, don’t be shamed to not know all the answers. We all have that feeling sometimes, so when you find yourself in that place, pick up the phone and call a trusted colleague. Talk it through with one or more people. Most importantly, listen intently to what is said then synthesize the discussion in order to come to the best path forward.

5. Ride the Wave and Enjoy the Ride

We play the role of counselor, janitor and/or mediator at any given hour. Being a Realtor emulates life in that every day has ups and downs. Enjoy the highs and don’t let lows sink you. It’s okay to be upset. Allow yourself time to accept and process negative energy, but don’t stay in that frame of mind too long. When you are down, go for a walk, sit in the park and do nothing, or surround yourself with friends and family. Then, pick yourself up and move on. Remember, the climb up the roller coaster hill leads to exhilaration that comes from the wind blowing your face after you reach the top.


Wayne Henry

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