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Selling Home Features that are a Tough Sell

Let’s face it. The perfect house simply does not exist. That’s why selling real estate is a numbers game. Simply put, the more prospects who see your home the more likely you are to get a ready and able buyer.

What do you do, however, when you are getting the traffic but are repeatedly shot down because you’re located at a busy intersection or near the freeway, kitchens/baths are small or there are other items about your home that you cannot change? Here are a few pointers for selling the seemingly unsellable.

1. Combating a noisy or busy location

A lot of times, homes on the least desirable lot in a neighborhood have much the same features as those on more desirable lots. That’s to say that the house is comparable. There are a few ways to deal with this situation. To get the most value, consider upgrades slightly better than the competition. As already stated, no home is perfect, but granite counters and stainless steel appliances may be just the tradeoff a buyer is willing to accept. There is a fine line here. Best to consult with your real estate agent before spending money. He or she can look at comps and make recommendations that will give you the greatest bang for your buck. Not willing to add improvements? Be prepared to price the home five to 10 percent below similar properties.

2. Selling a House with Small Kitchens and/or Bathrooms

You need to make small rooms stand out. Make changes that maximize space using creative solutions. Consider a portable island or corner cabinets to add workspace or storage. Also, consider bringing in some bling in the form of new appliances, a tile backsplash, a tiled tub surround that compliments the space or a glass shower door that opens up the room. Lastly, lighting should not be overlooked. If you can, add can lights or fixtures that brighten the room

3. Turn negatives into positives

On a busy street or corner? That’s not all bad. More people drive by your house everyday than the one buried in the corner of the neighborhood, providing a potential advantage if you play your cards right. Improve landscaping and curb appeal to draw in prospects who may not have otherwise considered the location. The outside of a home is a great indicator of what you’ll find on the inside and the goal is to draw them in and sell them from there.

A simple fact is that small spaces cost less to renovate. Even if you don’t plan to sell soon, consider updating now and get the enjoyment factor out of the renovation. When you go to sell, you will be better prepared.

Wayne Henry is a licensed Ohio real estate agent who brings energy and experience to buying and selling Central Ohio area homes. If you plan to make a move, call 614-439-6180 or email today to learn how he can help achieve your goals.



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