Many people want to make customizations to their home, whether it be for aesthetic or practical purposes. Making smart  design and functionality choices will help add value to your home and ensure that your money and hard work pays dividends. Before hiring contractors or warming up the tile saw, consider these implications for home renovations.

  1. Will you get a positive return? Most renovations do not provide a dollar-for-dollar benefit and may mean in the end that you lose money on projects you undertake. If you are renovating and planning to sell in the near future, consider these home improvements that provide the highest return on investment.
  2. Living in a construction zone is not fun. If you only have one bathroom and you plan to tear it out and start over, consider finding alternative housing arrangements while the project is ongoing.
  3. Your style may not match that of potential buyers of your home. If you are planning on staying in your house for the foreseeable future, this may not matter. Again, if you are considering selling anytime soon, consider conservative colors and design choices or consult with a real estate professional for tips.
  4. Go beyond making it pretty and keep functionality in mind. We all want beautiful kitchens and baths. Having that been said, if you are reconfiguring the layout, consult with a professional for help laying out the space. Doing so may help avoid design flaws and mistakes you will later regret.
  5. Match design choices to your surroundings when choosing materials and style. If you live in a neighborhood of turn-of-the-century homes, going ultra modern may not be the best choice. Potential buyers in your area likely chose the area for common features of homes like yours.

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