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27MarchAccept Now or Wait for Multiple Offers

The market is competitive and you get an offer immediately after listing. You’re happy, but curiosity lingers. Could I get multiple offers and drive my sale price higher? In this podcast, we discuss different scenarios where it makes sense  to wait and others where accepting might be your best bet.

4FebruaryWhat can go wrong without a real estate agent

There are many nuances to a real estate transaction, and an experienced agent is key in order to avoid the many possible pitfalls of going it alone. From negotiation to closing, we walk you through the tasks an agent takes on and the benefits that could save you money as well as legal trouble.

29JanuaryWhat is a Backup Offer and is it a Good Idea

In today’s fast paced real estate market, multiple offers are the norm rather than the exception. This leaves those with losing bids wondering what’s next. Take a listen to this episode of Wine Wednesday and Real Estate and learn how you might still have a shot at the house you thought you lost.